The Rise of Android [Infographic]

By on January 9, 2013

In less than eight years, Google has turned a no-name operating system into the world’s most popular smartphone platform.

Android, acquired by the search giant in 2005, has gone from near-obscurity to 250 million product activations in the past year. That growth has even eclipsed Apple’s wildly successful line of iOS-based mobile devices, which had 104.7 million activations in 2011, according to MBA Online.

After years of competition between devices like the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S series and various iPhone incarnations, Google has risen to the top of the heap, registering 1.3 million activated Android devices every day. The operating system’s popularity is now on a par with McDonald’s—according to MBA Online, the fast food joint sells 17 Big Macs per second, only just beating out the 15 Android devices that are activated every tick of the second hand.


The Rise of Android