Recruitment Marketing Tools for Best Candidate Experience

By on September 24, 2015

Fitting the jigsaw puzzle of the right candidate to the right job is a complicated one – especially when we are looking for positions with specialised skills. The traditional methods of recruiting like print ads and simply opening requisitions on the job boards have become somewhat extinct. Add to this, facts like lack of aspirants with certain specialized skills and passive candidates who pay attention to job adverts on and off, and the recruitment process is sure to take tortuous turns. But once you have found one, you will never want to lose out on him for wrong reasons. Here are some of the recruitment marketing strategies that are sure to offer the best candidate experience.

Presence of a Solid Brand Image

Even before a potential hire goes to your job board, he will want to know more your organization and what does your brand talk about in the market. Employer branding earlier meant creating social campaigns usually with the help of a branding agency. The rise of social technology has given birth to a new emergent brand, this time through the eyes of the employees and the people talking about your brand. Having an authentic brand that clearly shows what it means to really work at your organization can serve as a good experience.

 Recruitment Marketing Tools

Right Job Description

If your job description is vague and does not talk of what is expected of the potential candidate you are likely to lose one. Top prospects have varied job offers and a dull job ad will immediately divert them to more compelling job descriptions. Again, impractical high qualifications are sure to limit applications since large numbers of organizations have been seeking the limited highly skilled candidates. Set this right and you roll out a platform for the best candidate participation.

Employee Referral

Referrals fall in top bucket in this list as you are directly relying on your employees’ selling capabilities. Referrals have a robust feature- your employees act as the best sales guys fully capable of convincing the sceptical hires to join your firm. A candidate-driven market commands that your top performing employees be most effective in searching for the right guys, building relationships and selling the job that you have. A candidate who has come through referral is sure to have a great experience joining his new workplace.

Scheduling the Interview Quickly

Top candidates are often loaded with multiple good offers. A slow hiring process is sure to make you lose up to 68% of the best candidates. Here the concerted efforts of the hiring managers and the recruiters to smoother every single delay in the hiring process will help chase and get the right candidates. A one-day hiring event should do well. Also, having higher-quality recruiters and hiring managers who possess exceptional skills at selling difficult prospects can work wonders. The candidate is finally convinced of the offer and feels better.

Accentuate Offer Process

Once the candidate has been finalised for the job; waste no time in rolling out the offer letter. Delay in this last step could give negative feelers to the candidate. And if there are competing firms reaching out to him, your delay in making the offer is sure to divert him to others. Besides, offer has to be data-driven and personalized making your offer more competitive. Use the data from the latest salary surveys so that the offer is much more accurate.

Remember that the best candidates need mollycoddling as against the common hires. Walking an extra mile in the on-boarding process of a suitable hire is sure to attract more talent to your organization.