Importance of Citation in Your Writing

By on August 26, 2013

Whether you are writing for your academic research or belong to the community of devoted writers having interest in more than one subject, a good structure together with appropriate citations is the first step towards making your essay or any other writing a logically constructed one. In general all the papers have one thing in common: they give the reader(s) a different perspective about the topic you write. But, what actually constitutes a logically presented writing? Well, it should guide the readers about the topic and should also have the potential to convey the information in itself. Listed here are a few ideas that would, if not guide you, will be helpful in presenting the subject in a precise way.

Writing ideas

The lead sentence

Before you begin to write the essay, strive to create a paragraph that is well-organized with a lead sentence and is cleverly followed by information that is supporting. Then conclude the paragraph while also striving to give factual accuracy. Generally, the first paragraph of the essay and the lead sentence should be able to provide the user with a concise and an accurate overview of the main subject(s) that is discussed in the article.

Then, the subthemes and other related topics that strengthen and support the writer’s view should be included and the same should be connected well without any deviation from the main topic at hand. One good proposal for presenting the topic in a precise way is to follow the Inverted Pyramid style that leaves enough room for relevant details once the main subject is identified.

After you have finished writing the topic, it is good to reread it with an eye to make quick revisions if at all you need any. Make a checklist and see if the article you have just written has: Factual accuracy, consistency of treatment and tenses, logic and adherence to any particular house style together with spelling and grammar.

Proper citations

It is always a good idea to use direct quotes and specific passages in your text but you have to be sure to cite the author(s) and the year of publication including the page number and ISBN. There are many information platforms like that offer may tools including note taking, referencing, citation and research tools for the writers in any field that make any kind of writing style, whether MLA or APA, easy with quick citations and other publication information.

However, mere observations on a particular subject are not just enough to make accomplished essays. Particular attention should be paid to the introduction, subdivisions and the conclusion without losing the balance of the article theme.