Hottest abs of 2012 [InfoGraphic]

By on October 4, 2012

hottest abs of 2012

The below infographic shows the physical activity and diet that popular celebrities of Hollywood follow in order to build abs.

Here is the list of some hardest bodies in Hollywood:

Ryan kwaten:

Physical activities: soft sand running, hiking, surfing, biking and swimming
Diet: he doesn’t follow a strict diet but will go on paleo diet before three days of shooting a scene without shirt.

Chris Hemsworth:

Physical activities:Turkish getups, inclined presses, windmills, pull – ups and bulk squats.
Diet: Iean meats, potatoes, nuts, berries, vegetables and grains

Christiano Ronaldo:

Physical activities: 25 -30 minutes of running, high intensity sprinting drills, technical drills for ball control, gym exercises.
Diet: eats less quantity and distributes food in equal meals to develop higher metabolism

Matthew Mcconaughey:

Physical activities: surfing, cycling, climbing hills
Diet: follows paleo diet, intakes healthy fats and carbohydrates

Zac Efron:

Physical activities: performs exercise for 5 – 6 times a week, incline dumbell press, weighted chest dips and dumbell squeeze dips
Diet: eggs for breakfast, drinking raw eggs and follows Z.e.n diet.

To have perfect abs, it is suggested to follow the food diet and carryout physical activities of these celebrities.