101 Hand Washing Tips Facts [InfoGraphic]

By on October 1, 2012

101 hand washing tips facts

Hand washing is the effective way to get prevented from sickness, infections and illness. While executing our daily tasks, we touch many things that contain germs and viruses. When surveyed, only 39% of American adults have reported that they wash their hand immediately after squeezing or coughing and 27% adults wash their hands after counting money.

Every 1 out of 2 adults in America don’t attend nature call if the bathroom is not clean. In 2002, it was recorded that 33,800 deaths were occurred due to auto accidents and 99,000 deaths were due to hospital acquired infections.

According to hand hygiene education, hand washing process includes six steps:

wet hand with running water
create lather using a soap or liquid
rub hands for 20 seconds after generating good lather
rinse hands under running water
use paper towel to dry hands
using paper towel, turn off the water faucet

By using paper towels to dry hands, 76% of bacteria present on finger pads gets removed.