Content Management Systems [Infographic]

By on March 20, 2013

Are you finding it difficult to zero in on a CMS for your business? With plenty of options available, it becomes difficult to analyze each CMS feature-wise, understand what exactly your requirements are and arrive at a solution.

“Content Management Systems: Choosing the Right One for Your Business Needs” is an infographic in which various popular CMSs are juxtaposed. The information graphic provides a clear sketch of the basics of a CMS, various types of CMSs and the popular ones among them.

The infographic also highlights the advantages of CMSs. It covers popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, TYP03 and DotNetNuke. It sheds light on details such as the date of initial release, the platform utilized, the current version, the number of themes available, the average cost for setup and customization, the average monthly maintenance cost and the number of websites and industries that make use of the CMS.

The infographic provides statistics on the market share of various CMSs. Based on the analysis, WordPress, with a market share of 54.4% has an unparalleled edge over other top CMSs.

Content Management Systems

Source: Dot Com Infoway – CMS Development Company