Causes American Children Obesity [InfoGraphic]

By on October 4, 2012

causes american children obesity

In the year 2012, Michelle Obama stated that more than 23 million children in America are obese or over weight. Reports show that every 1 out of 3 children in America are suffering from obesity.

The annual health care cost associated with children obesity is $14 billion and it is equal to to budget of treasury department proposed by American government. In 1982, the number of obese children in America were 4 million and by 2012, the number has increased to 12.5 million.

From last three decades, the obesity rate among children has tripled. In year 2012, US government has launched a program called Healthy people 2010 to reduce the childhood obesity. Mostly obese children suffer from type -2 diabetes, poor self esteem, heart disease, asthma, joint problems and high blood pressure. According to US health program, more than 64 calories must be cut down per day to curb the children obesity by 2020.