Benefits of Employee Recognition [InfoGraphic]

By on October 1, 2012

benefits of employee recognition

Every employee wants to be recognized for his/her work in an organization. Appreciation plays a vital role in building good relationships between employees and company. Most companies follow different methods of appreciation. Some provide monetary benefits, while some other offer gadgets. However, appreciation is listed one of the top five desires of employees across the globe.

A survey conducted in 2010, shows at least 50 per cent of employees would switch jobs for more recognition. Similarly, employees who are praised for doing good appeared to be performed better in their tasks. The main benefit behind recognizing employees’ hard work is they are much more likely to continue to give it their all.

Additionally, 78% of employees said they would work harder if they were recognized. Over 50% of reduction in reportable accidents. A recognized employee would recommend his/her company’s product to a great extent. However, recognition of employees’ dedication enhances communications between both company and employee.