Overview of Mobile Shopping [InfoGraphic]

By on October 1, 2012

overview of mobile shopping

Mobile phones have not just changed the face of communication, but also the way we perform various transactions. Chiefly, our purchasing has dramatically been influenced with the arrival of mobiles phones into the lives of millions of people. Let me present you how mobile has shaped our consumption.

Mobile commerce is exploding with the help of mobile apps. Mobile apps started connecting people to things that they need and love. Similarly, these apps help sellers of all sizes compete and provide better services in a rapidly changing world. Precisely, mobile apps are acting as bridges between buyers and sellers.

By the end of September 2012, e-Bay, a mobile commerce leaders is planning to celebrate its 100 million mobile app download as well as listing ( a placement of order posted through mobile app) . Around 275 cars listed in Germany daily on eBay mobile. And for every second $275 spent on the most preferred mobile application.