American Student Debt Statistics [InfoGraphic]

By on October 16, 2012

American 20 something year olds are in a weird time right now. With tuition costs rising, and an extremely competitive job market, young people are left with a decision. Invest in a college degree and MAYBE get a job when after graduation? Or don’t invest in a college degree and find a job? Is a college degree even worth all the hype anymore?

Because of rising tuition costs, student debt is at an all time high. I know people who are 20,000 in debt and it’s only their junior year of college. That’s the cost of a small car or a plot of land! With the job market becoming so competitive, it’s easy to see why so many high school graduates would see that a college degree isn’t worth the investment.

Today’s infographic takes a look at student debt in America. It’s discouraging to see how much debt recent graduates rake up when there is no promise of a job after graduation. Although I was blessed with a college fund a scholarships, I still worry about my generation who has to deal with the rising costs of education. Hopefully policy makers will find rising tuition a pressing topic and will work towards lowing tuition so young people will find an easier life after graduation.

american student debt statistics